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The State poster contest winners have been announced.  Click here to view the pictures and see the results.

The 2014 KSPTA Summer Symposium and Safety Competitions are done for another year.  We would like to thank all who helped and participated in making this another successful conference.  More information about this year's conference can be found under the "Summer Symposium" tab.  

- There are new members on the KSPTA Board so check out who they are under the "Executive Board" and "Our Districts" tabs. 

- An important message from KSPTA: 
I received an e-mail on March 7, 2014 stating that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the schools. They are allowing the districts to fully fund the LOB and restoring the capital outlay equalization.

On March 21, I received an e-mail stating that the State was going to cut Transportation funds, as well as others to fund the court ruling. So the State is going to take money from the schools to give it back to them to use in capital outlay, in other words they are taking money out of the left pocket and putting it in the right pocket in order to satisfy the court ruling giving the schools more money.

I would recommend that you should contact your representatives and senators from your area and oppose this, make them aware of the safety facts listed below.

Some of the facts about transportation, taken from NHSTA and the American School Bus Council:

For some of the students the school bus is their only way to school. If we cut their transportation out they will have a much harder time of getting to school every day and on time.

School Buses improve traffic conditions, when you consider that each school bus takes 36 cars off the road, the effect they have on the congestion becomes very clear. Multiply 36 cars by the 9,600 school buses per state and that's a lot of extra traffic. Also a side benefit is a reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions by keeping that many cars off the road.

School Buses are much safer than passenger vehicles. Students are about 50 times more likely to arive at school alive if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends, more than 20 times safer than if they ride with a parent or other adult. Simply put school buses are built to reduce rider fatalities and injuries in a crash.

So for most parents, the budget dollars saved by cutting school bus services are done so at the expense of the students safety, obviously not a sacrifice that any parent should have to make.



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